Upcoming Exhibition
The Box Gallery in West Palm Beach presents Florida Femme on 
September 24th, 2016. 
Florida Femme showcases the works of emerging female artists of South Florida. 

West Palm Beach-Florida Femme opens with a reception at 
The Box Gallery on Saturday, September 24 from 6-10 p.m. 

Participating Artists:
Ashley Cassens, Chelsie Hustad, Amber Tutwiler,Chelsie Hustad, Janet Gold, Kaillee Coleman, Lisa Stephens, Mori Haynes,Mumbi O’Brien, Melodie Allegre, Tara Atefi, Sammi McLean, and Vicki Siegel.

Into this

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Last week all the FAU grads were given the 'Marathon Assignment' (create 100 works in one week) by professor Amy Broderick. Broderick and the participating grads will be giving presentations on the assignment and their outcomes at this event at the Armory Art Center. Public welcome!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Fall Reading List

Fall Semester in my studio

-Drawing reflections on reflective surfaces

Europe, Week 4-7

Here's some shots from my final weeks in Berlin and a few from Austria and Italy. I'm already back in the states and it seems hard to believe I spent that long away. I'm pretty happy to be home and looking forward to making things again. 

Tschüss Germany!

Berlin, Germany Week 3

Week 3 was cool. I learned how to write a poem in German and finally got to the Hamburger Bahnhof. I also saw an exhibition of master prints all related to DOGS (yes, please). Still, standing inside the Reichtag dome was probably one of my favorite experiences to date. I wouldn't be surprised if I started working with glass and light next semester.

side note: this is also the week I started missing home

Germany, Week 2

Walking through Albrecht Dürer's house/Seeing a Dürer plate
Discovering Bananenweizen
Learning to introduce myself in German
Figuring out how to send postcards
Eating ice cream everyday for two weeks
Germany's heat wave
The Dutch Quarter

Berlin, Germany Week 1

I've been in Berlin for about a week, so I thought I would post some pictures of the things I'm looking at. I brought a handful of things from home to keep me company, including a map of Florida hanging over my bed. It took a couple of days for me to get comfortable here, but I am starting to really love it. It's just so nice to walk around. But to be real, I am definitely regretting not trying harder to learn German before getting here.

Ok, Bis Bald!

Summer Happenings

This is the last thing I made last semester in my Expanded Drawing course. I chose to expand my 'When a Person Becomes a Place' series into a large-scale layered book. Each page is approximately 22" x 30" and builds upon one another, revealing layers of imagery and shifting compositions as the pages turn. The book is meant to be an ongoing project over the next two years of graduate school. In this way, the final piece will document my studio exploration while pursuing my M.F.A. Currently, the book includes screen-printing, spray paint, ink drawing, paper cutting, and ripping. Most of the content of the book interprets the various local flora and fauna I come across in South Florida daily life.

Here's some pages in progress and a video to demonstrate the layering of the pages:

Final Reviews


Scraps from this semester:

Women in the Visual Arts

FIU and FAU grads presenting their work for scholarship consideration this past March

WITVA 26th Annual Scholarship Luncheon, April 17th

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the WITVA members for your supreme warmth and generosity... We are all super proud to be new members!

Paper Making Demo

Making paper out of recycled cotton bed sheets at the Jaffe Center's paper making facilities on campus

Collage Experiment
April 1st

I've been wanting to mess around with large-scale collaging this semester so I started this piece as a way to begin to play with material and layering. Now that I've gotten a feel for it, I've taken this down with plans to start fresh on something new.

Since these collages will likely be site-specific, I'm making a point to prioritize documentation of the works and their construction. Here's how the piece grew over time...

Turns out, I love wearing stripes.

Lazy, the Lazer Cutter

Experimenting with small scale paper cutting
3" x 5" section

Rebound Opening 2/07/15

'Rebound' Book

I am pleased to be a part of Gamut Space's second installment of their curated book, Rebound!

"Rebound is an exhibition that explores alternative venues for arts display and draws connections between divergent methods of performance [...] The works will be presented at 'Tampa Karaoke VIP' on E. Fletcher Ave. on February 7th 2015. Visitors are invited to experience the work in person and utilize the space as intended by singing karaoke. Rebound attempts to start conversation in our community around notions of art presentation, performance, and socialization."

Spring Semester! Back in the studio.